Accept God’s Assignment for your Life

One of the reason God created you here on earth is for you to fulfill his purpose here on earth.
No man was created here on earth to pass time or to eat and drink.

In Ephesians 2:10 state that our life was giving and ordained by God, and it was giving on how it should go.
God even told jeremiah that why he was in his mother’s womb, that He has called and ordained him as a prophet. The way Jeremiah is, that is how every other person is, God has specially called and ordained you for a special assignment.

God gave everyone an Assignment on Earth

No human is without an assignment, discovering your assignment gives your life relevance here on earth.
Don’t just live your life without a Devine responsible giving to you. As a Believer in Christ, your assignment is very important.

Paul the Apostle Said when God reveal the son in him, he depended not in flesh and blood, but ran to do what God has instructed him to do.
Most times we depend on our flesh to decide our directions in life.

The assignment of God on everyone is good and for our benefits, that is why God gave us. In Jeremiah 29:11 Bible said that God’s plan for us are for good. The plans of God for you are better than your dreams and aspirations. God gives assignment base on the capacity He has given you, but you decide your dream base on what you see today.

Most people finds it difficult to accept the assignment God gave to them to do, they always prefer that of another person. They feel that of others is more better, easier or stressless etc. Not knowing God gave them that assignment because God knows the ability inside of them, they haven’t discovered yet.

Your uniqueness is in your assignment, that is what makes you different and exceptional from others. If you leave your own assignment undone, who will fulfill it for you.

Decide now to accept Gods assignment for your life and do it today, start it today if you know your assignment. Stop running away from that which God has called you to do. Jonah in the bible who was a prophet, God sent him on an assignment, but he ran away from Gods assignment. But God had mercy on him and restored him to do the assignment He gave Jonah.

Don’t run like Jonah, when God instruct you, go right away to carry out the assignment. Delay is is not good in the things of the Spirit because sometimes God may give you an assignment as a result of an urgency, and when you don’t go right away, you would miss out to what God is about to do.

God wants His Children to be obedient to his instructions every time. That was why Jesus said, “If you really love me you would keep my commandments”. Only Lovers of God are obedient children.

How to Find Your Assignment In God

Discovering your assignment in God is the first step to accepting it.
Your assignment is the responsibility God has committed in your hands to do on earth.

Purpose is different from assignment, your purpose is the reason for the assignment,
Why the assignment is the responsibility committed to you.
Am going to list three ways you can Discover your assignment in God.

  1. Prayer: When you pray to God to reveal your assignment, he would do it.
    God will reveal when you ask him.
    The reason so many don’t know is because they are not prayerfull, so they don’t know.
  2. Check your Heart : Check your heart, most times the answer is there in your heart by what you love doing. When God gives you an assignment he would put the heart to do the work inside of you. If God wants you for instance to work in helps ministry, you would have high love to assist people, that is a pointer of directions of your assignment. Jesus was anointed by God to heal, he had compassion for the sick, because that was in his area of assignment.
  1. Check your Talent : Your Assignment can be hidden in your talent, what you find very easy to do and to learn. Some people try to learn a craft, and they spend years but yet finds it difficult to learn, and another come to learn with no knowledge of it. He learns the craft for few months and become an expert, that is a pointer of directions of his assignment.

After you prayed to God to know your assignment, seat down and have a deep think about yourself, before you know it, you would be surprised you are already in the direction of your assignment unknown to you.

Writing by Onyeka Jesusboy
(Tabernacle Channel Writer and Editor)

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